Methodological View of Business Ethics Researches in Turkey: A Review on Postgraduate Theses

  •  Sevdiye E. Yılmaz    


This study was designed with an aim to search for an answer to the question what is the current situation of the studies conducted on business ethics in the business management literature in Turkey. Within the scope of the study, 81 postgraduate theses prepared in the field of business management were examined in terms of methodology. In the analysis, it was seen that the majority of the theses were quantitative studies using the survey method as the data acquisition method. As a result of the analyses performed, it was detected that the theses on business ethics in Turkey shaped under the domination of positivist paradigm methodologically. However, most of the postgraduate theses were carried out in a superficial context, neglecting the requirements of positivist paradigm. In line with the findings obtained, it was concluded that the majority of the postgraduate theses on business ethics in Turkey were superficial studies ignoring the complicated nature of business ethics. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.