The Crisis (of Idea) of European Union: Conditions and Possibilities to Overcome

  •  Amra Nuhanović    
  •  Jasmila Pašić    


Focal point of research is crisis (of idea) of European Union (EU), and conditions and possible directions of its overcoming. The authors have come to very important conclusion, regarding the fact that the Union is facing a great challenge, unity and further integration is needed in order to overcome many weaknesses and ensure further development, prosperity and unity. Building a common European identity, the economic crisis, the euro crisis, the migration crisis, exit of the Great Britain from the EU are all the weaknesses facing the EU and they are posing a threat to EU unity. The sustainability of the EU concept is brought into question and there is an obvious need for changes in its action. Basic scientific methods used in the research: deductive and inductive methods, methods of analysis and synthesis, methods of abstraction and concretization, and economic-historical method.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.