Information Sources and Domestic Tourism at Sanyuesan Festival, China

  •  Qin Xi    
  •  Ousanee Sawagvudcharee    
  •  John Walsh    


Festival tourism is part of a phenomenon which is rather larger than its tourism component. The relationship between people and the various elements of the festival may be complicated by the changing availability of information sources, including web-based sources, as well as changing relationships towards those sources with respect to access ease and trust. A sample of 400 respondents was achieved via online questionnaire distribution to investigate these issues and to formulate lessons that might inform marketing strategies relating to future iterations of the festival. It was found that no straightforward relationships existed with respect to segmentation of the sample and, therefore, population and that attitudes towards both information sources and the institutions of the festival are undergoing a process of change.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.