Relationship Marketing as an Orientation to Customer Retention: Evidence from Banks of Pakistan

  •  Benazir Solangi    
  •  Urooj Talpur    
  •  Sanober Salman Shaikh    
  •  Tania Mushatque    
  •  Muhammad Asif Channa    


This study aims to underpin the relationship marketing as an orientation to customer retention. Further, this study undertakes the case study of banking sector from Sindh province, Pakistan. The reason of conducting this study was to analyze the impact of relationship marketing on customer’s retention in the banking sector. Relationship marketing is getting more attention and popularity around the world and helps in developing customers satisfaction and loyalty. Quantitative research approach was used to measure the response of the sample. A field survey was conducted from customers of 20 banks operating in Larkana.  An adopted questionnaire was used with five variables, four independent (Trust, commitment, communication and conflict handling) to predict one dependent variable (Customer retention) at 5-point Likert scale. The response was collected through close-ended questionnaire. The study has found that all the independent variables are positive and significant predictors of dependent variable with a good fit between their reliability and sample size adequacy. The major contribution of this study for the managers of banks particularly in Pakistani context is to take serious efforts to implement CRM effectively for customer retention in challenging marketing landscape due to technological and business extensions. The study has self-report nature so it cannot be generalized in all aspects. Research has left a gap for future research in the same set as well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.