Effective Strategies to Overcome Challenges in ERP Projects: Perspectives from a Canadian Exploratory Study

  •  Sreekumar Menon    


This qualitative exploratory case study explores strategies and mitigating actions for successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. The research was conducted in a Canadian case organization in the oil and gas industry, using a semi-structured interview guide with a total of twenty interviews that includes members from four project role groups of senior leaders, project managers, project team members, and business users. For triangulation purposes, the study used interview responses and also ERP project documentation collected for the purpose. The research highlighted several strategies and mitigating actions that can be put in use by organizations. The key themes that emerged as effective strategies include having the right people for support and guidance from experts, change management, clear communications, hands-on training, lots of testing, and risk management. The study also provided evidence that adopting strategies can help overcome critical challenges during ERP implementations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.