The Discussion on Input – Output Framework Extended for Analyzing on Relationship between Demographic and Economic

  •  Nguyen Quang Thai    
  •  Bui Trinh    
  •  Nguyen Hong Nhung    


So far, many studies on economic structure have been proposed, Studies on the relationship between demographics and communication economics basically consider changes in age structure, leading to changes in saving and investment capacity. In Miyazawa's demographic-economic model, the focus has been on quantifying the relationship of final consumer groups and corresponding income groups. This study tries to establish the relationship between age and output and income. This study tries an attempt to extended Miyazawa’s model which gross capital formation at columns and operating surplus at rows. That means the input – output system was not only extended aging group at consumption of employees at rows and final household consumption at columns, but alsoadd to gross capital formation at columns and total income of producers (operating surplus and exogenous income) at rows. In this system, it is allowed to consider changing population structure which not only affects economy through saving or investment but also the structure of final consumption by age also spreads to output and income. So, in this research is not only this related inter-sartorial at first-time distribution for considering but also the impact of demographic to economic activities and re-distribution income follow by type of aging group.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.