Enhancing Green Hotel Visit Intention: Role of Green Perceived Value, Perceived Consumer Effectiveness and Environmental Knowledge

  •  Sanjida Amin    
  •  Md. Touhiduzzaman Tarun    


Based on the extensive literature review, this study aims to investigate the impact of green perceived value and perceived consumer effectiveness on customers’ green hotel visit intention in the hotel industry of Bangladesh. Simultaneously, the current study intends to explore the influence of environmental knowledge as a moderator. A random sample survey of 265 usable hotel customers was used to test and verify the conceptual framework. The findings of study revealed that green perceived value and perceived consumer effectiveness positively influence customers’ green hotel visit intention, whereas, environmental knowledge was found insignificant moderator variable. The outcome of the study will assist the academicians, policy makers and industry professionals with a better understanding of customer green purchase intention. Therefore, the study will contribute to the development of effective green marketing practices and strategies to enhance customer green purchase intention in the hospitality and tourism industry in Bangladesh.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.