Reviewing the Concept of Green HRM (GHRM) and Its Application Practices (Green Staffing) with Suggested Research Agenda: A Review from Literature Background and Testing Construction Perspective

  •  Safaa Shaban    


Green HRM has become one of the most critical topics in the Business world and sustainability. Many researchers and studies indicate that environmental green staffing associated strongly with the success of financial and marketplace components. The Green Human resource in green-oriented organisations plays a significant part in shaping the culture of suitability in their organisation. Shaping the practices and applications of the HR with the green view and applications will have an effect on all HR decisions and through all the activity of shareholders viewpoint. Currently, all the work gives more attention to the relationship between GHRM and organisation sustainability. GHRM help in creating, developing and implementing the strategy of sustainable business within the organisation. Although green HRM is still with ground-breaking, unclear define concept and its applications facing some difficulties. The purposes of this study in to present a full theoretical framework for GHRM practices and to test the perspective of the GHRM concept in construction companies in Egypt and the UK. The main finding is the perspective of the UK is higher than Egypt in realizing GHRM important to the organisations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.