The Impact of Bank Credit on Inflation in Jordan by Using Vector Auto Regression Model: A Case Study of Jordan during 1968-2017

  •  Suleiman Daood Al-Oshaibat    
  •  Hmood H. Banikhalid    


Previous studied revealed mixed results regarding the Banks have an influence on the inflation rate. This study aims at investigating the impact of the bank credit on the inflation rate in Jordan during the period 1968-2017 by using Vector Auto Regression Model (VAR) on the annual data. Necessary tests were conducted for this model such as Unit Root Test, Granger Causality Test, Variance Decomposition and Response Function analysis. The results reveal that there is a mutual effect between the bank credit and the inflation rate. Moreover the study states that there is an explanatory power of the bank credit in explaining the changes in inflations rates in Jordan. Namely, there is a positive effect of the credit bank on the inflation rate in Jordan.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.