Impact of Job Clarity on Nurses’ Job Satisfaction: A Moderating Role of Fairness Perception

  •  Muhammad Asif Qureshi    
  •  Karim Bux Shah Syed    
  •  Noor Ahmed Brohi    
  •  Arjumand Bano Soomro    
  •  Tania Mushtaque    


The main objective of this study was to ascertain the impact of job clarity on nurses’ job satisfaction in the public hospitals of Sindh province of Pakistan. The results presented a valid and reliable measurement model so that a structural model could be built upon it for testing research hypotheses. Results indicate that job clarity has an insignificant impact on job satisfaction among nurses in Pakistan. Moreover, the fairness perception does not moderate; rather, it is found to be a strong predictor of nurses’ job satisfaction. In other words, people have a lack of clarity about tasks, roles, and responsibilities, often end up affecting their outcomes. Therefore, it is recommended to strengthen the element of fairness in jobs to boost job satisfaction. HR policies and general policy makers in the organization have a greater role in this regards to ensure that the work and task are divided on fair grounds and so the rewards.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.