Analysis of the Status of Women Directors: A Study on the Listed Financial Institutions of Bangladesh

  •  Chowdhury Saima Ferdous    
  •  Habiba Rahman    


This paper investigates the status of women directors of Bangladesh using all the listed financial institutions of this country. Particularly, the paper considers three issues: the number of women working as directors, their qualification; and their recruitment process. Using a mixed method, the overall findings of the study reveals a very dissatisfactory status of the women in the top position in the Financial Institutions of Bangladesh. It also indicated that, though the number of qualified women is increasing but the rate of growth is slow like many other countries. The patriarchal society and the socio-cultural factors are still dominating the recruitment process of women as a director. Though the overall findings show a sluggish growth of the status of women at the top position, the findings of this study indicate the gap in understanding of the policy makers and also among women, which will help in developing effective policies for ensuring gender diversity at the board level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.