Contemporary Issues Surrounding an Impairment-Only Approach to Acquired Goodwill: A Selected Review

  •  Jamaliah Abdul Majid    


This paper presents a selected review of contemporary issues surrounding an impairment-only approach to accounting for acquired goodwill and addresses the question of whether an impairment-only approach has resulted in an improvement in an accounting for goodwill. The review is structured around three main themes: concerned raised by stakeholders regarding an impairment-only approach, causes of the debates on goodwill impairment, and proposed solutions offered by stakeholders. The contribution of this paper to the debate on an impairment-only approach to acquired goodwill is to demonstrate that even though an impairment-only approach has posed implementation, auditing and enforcement challenges, it has also encouraged standard-setters, regulators and firms worldwide to make concerted efforts in bringing in more clarity to the valuation of goodwill and its impairment test. The review ends by offering practical ways forward on an accounting for acquired goodwill.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.