The Leading Impact of the Application of Nanotechnology on Reducing the Expected Production Costs in the Jordanian Industrial Companies

  •  Osama Abdulmunim Ali    


Nanotechnology and nanomaterials are some of the most important modern concepts that when economic units enter into production, they will offer products with features that are superior to those produced in a traditional costing manner. Given the scientific progress and technological development that have led to increased competition, the industrial companies need to Apply concepts that help introduce nanomaterials into production and reap the benefits ,Therefore, This study aimed to find the leading impact of the application of Nanotechnology on reducing production costs in Jordanian industrial companies.

The sampling unit in this study consists of the financial managers and cost managers of the listed industrial companies In Amman Financial Market, where the number of financial directors and cost managers of industrial companies was (105) , and (80) questionnaires have been distributed to companies, (75) questionnaires were retrieved , (5) questionnaires were incomplete, thus the number of questionnaires recovered and were ready for analysis were (70) questionnaires, The most important result of the study was the impact of the application of nanotechnology dimensions combined on reducing costs in the Jordanian industrial companies, while the most important recommendation of the study was the need of Jordanian industrial companies management's commitment to the moral values Of Nanotechnology to reach local and global industrial leadership. With the need of them to recognize the importance of the workforce in the deployment and adaptation of Nanotechnology to reach a global industry level. .

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