The Impact of Social Media on Human Resource Management Scope Activities in Al-Futtaim and Al-Etihad Group UAE

  •  Asaad Ali Karam    
  •  Abdelkarim Fuad Kitana    


Purpose: Social media (SM) has gotten developing consideration over the most recent couple of years due to public awareness, a new age of organization, knowledge, and technology reasons, the requirement of SM has increased. The present research concentrates on two companies; namely Al-Futtaim and Al-Etihad group. Design/methodology: The study has identified various contextual relationships to the identified SM. Therefore, structural models of SM for implement human resource management scope activities (HRMSA). The finding presented that the companies with a larger service network is more affected by SM than the newly established company in HRMSA. Furthermore, the study indicated a positive and high relationship. Reasonable ramifications: Obvious comprehension of these variables will assist associations to organize better and deal with their assets in a productive and powerful way. Uniqueness: Contribute to study was identifying the HRMSA to implement SM platforms in (UAE) companies; Moreover, SM has opened a new avenue for HRMSA.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.