The Evolution of Viral Marketing to Improve Business Communication

  •  Giuseppe Granata    
  •  Giancarlo Scozzese    


To win the consumers attention, more prone to advertisement, it is essential that companies interact with them. Equally important for the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is the ability to involve, amaze and entertain users in such a way as to encourage them to talk about a brand or product, spontaneously triggering a viral word of mouth. To achieve this, companies use different communication tools, especially web communication and digital marketing.

Companies can choose to approach to these new phenomena, read them, understand them, interpret them, research and identify new advantages and opportunities; then start a process of change aimed at adapting the organization to a model that is able to fully exploit these phenomena. Or they could choose to ignore them, distance them, close their eyes, pretend they do not exist, convince themselves that they are only transitory phenomena of a technological nature and lacking relevance for the business.

The goal of the work is to verify how the viral marketing instrument can help improve and strengthen business communication. In fact, by now, there are many companies that have decided to support and, in some cases, replace traditional communication with online communication.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.