The Impact of Information Technology Management, Training and Strategy Management on Organizational Performance of Sharjah Police

  •  Abdulla Awadh Abdulla Abdulhabib    
  •  Hassan Al-Dhaafri    


The study mainly aims at investigating the impact that happens to the organizational performance as an impact of utilizing both information technology management and training. In-depth investigation of literature indicates the necessity of the proposal of the current research. The current study has utilized various theories including Knowledge Based View (KBV) and Resource Based View of the firm (RBV) so as to achieve the main purpose of the research. It also aimed at examining the impact of IT management and training on the performance of the organization. The study used a questionnaire as a tool. The researcher distributed a number of 341 questionnaires randomly on some department of the police in Sharjah. When the questionnaires were filled, the researcher used SPSS system in order to accurately analyze the results. The study concluded that the organizational performance of the Sharjah police has been positively affected by using information technology management. In addition, the research shows that it is essential to utilize on information technology management, training and strategy management on order to affect the performance of the organization successfully.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.