The Science and Technology Parks (STPs) Evaluation Model Approach to Eco-Innovation Key Indicator

  •  Mahdi Yami    
  •  Gao Changchun    
  •  Gao Han    


Science and Technology Park (STP) is one of the most important innovation policies to develop the regional economy. To manage the STPs successfully, a standard evaluation system as a reference is needed. However, there is no consensus about the definition of successful STPs due to their different goals and regions. Hence, it is necessary to establish a reference framework to evaluate the success of different STPs and it is essential to assess their main goals as the competitive advantage by a set of innovation indicators. This study developed a research model to evaluate the competitiveness of STPs by analyzing the impact of innovation subjective externalities based on the Global Innovation Index (GII) and approach to the eco-innovation key indicator. This STP evaluation model is adopted and tested by two different fuzzy analyzing and examines the survey forms and questionnaires that have been filled by some STP experts and as a case study all the evidence has been gathered and analyzed from “Caohejing Hi-Tech Park” in Shanghai and the results evaluated the competitive advantage via innovation policies and performances and the rating rank contents some innovation main dimensions, key indicators and factors and also the important result as eco-innovation development and diffusion.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.