Employee Satisfaction as per Working Environment in King Salaman Military Hospital, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

  •  Khalid Alazab    


In the current knowledge economy, it is important for organizations to utilise their resources in growing a favourable working environment for its employees. Development and sustenance of a reliable working environment is a prerequisite for a company to achieve effective growth and maximum productivity in the current era of cut throat competition. Job satisfaction is directly linked with a healthy work environment and researches have indicated the presence of several components in determining the job satisfaction rate for any employee. This research has used a cross–sectional descriptive design within the premises of King Salaman Military hospital in Tabuk. The data was collected through questionnaire from 139 employees of King Salaman Military hospital. The research has found that the overall satisfaction has a statistical relationship with gender and nationality whereas no statistical relationship was observed between nature of work and overall satisfaction, educational level, age group, and years of experience.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.