Strategic Flexibility and Its Impact on Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness: An Applied Study on Jordanian Hotels

  •  Yazan Emnawer Al haraisa    


The current study aimed to identify the impact of strategic flexibility (Market Flexibility, Production Flexibility, and Competitive Flexibility) on organizational effectiveness in the Jordanian hotels (five stars).in order to achieve the objectives of the current study, the researcher designed questionnaire composed (31) paragraphs . The questionnaire divided into three sections. The section one involved the personal information (demographics information) the second section involved the items covered the questions that related with dimensions of strategic flexibility. And the third section involved the questions that related with organizational effectiveness. Moreover, the current study concluded that the strategic flexibility and its dimensions (market flexibility, production flexibility and competitive flexibility) have a positive impact on organizational effectiveness in the Jordanian hotels (five stars). Hence, According to these results the researcher recommending focusing the employees in the Jordanian hotels (five stars) on the production flexibility by adopting new system make the production within hotels (five stars) more flexible and updating the equipment's that used in the production and modifying the characteristics of current addition, The current study has been applied on the Jordanian hotels located in Amman. Therefore, one of the most important limitations it is not possible to generalize the results of this study to hotels in other governorates while the current study focused on five star hotels. On the other hand, the current study took three dimensions of strategic flexibility, but there are many dimensions should researchers take it in their study in the future and conducting more research and future studies that link strategic flexibility and organizational effectiveness and applied it on other sectors such as banks and hospitals with the introduction of some intermediate variables such as the infrastructure of the Organization and organizational culture.

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