Purchasing of Thematic Kid Fashion at the Belt and Road Market

  •  Xinguo Peng    
  •  Zhen Xu    
  •  Xiaoyang Luan    
  •  Zichan Liu    
  •  Da Huo    


Through a closer economic relationship, “The Belt and Road” has brought about remarkable growth in both international trade and cross boarder investment among the alongside countries. Still, obstacles exist for foreign companies to expand their business with China due to the imperfect understanding of the Chinese market. If foreign firms have a better knowledge of the market in China, it will definitely enhance the chance to be successful in doing business with China. This study specifies in the thematic kid fashion market. Sales information of 150 thematic kid fashion products is included to define the elements that influence the sales and feedback of thematic kid fashion. The elements and information are disposed using Factor Analysis so as to recognize the relevant elements and divide them into different factors. Feasible generalized least square (FGLS) method is adopted to measure the impact of each element on the sales of different brands of thematic kid fashion. Based on the result of the model, specific suggestions are proposed for foreign thematic kid fashion companies and retailers to meet the need of Chinese customers better and thus attain a larger market share in China’s market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.