Sustainable Development of Green Paper Packaging

  •  Jiapeng Huang    


In recent years, with the rapid development of global industrialization, people’s quality of life has improved, and people are no longer satisfied with the quality of goods and purposes, the majority of people even choose goods based on the packaging of goods which cause the situation of excessive packaging become serious. As an important part of manufacturing, packaging industry should emphasize the development of environmentally friendly packaging. Recognized as one of the most promising green packaging materials, paper packaging materials accounted for more than 40% of packaging materials, however, unsuitable production and recycling of paper packaging pose a threat to the environment and the social economy. For the sustainable development of the paper packaging industry, this essay put forward the concept of "green paper packaging" through literature research. This essay will introduce the proper production and recycling of green paper packaging materials, discuss the structural design of green paper packaging, and looking forward to the development direction of green paper packaging, and come to the conclusion that not only need we use new materials and environmental friendly packaging structures, but also we should attach importance to the production and the recycling of the packaging so as to make sure the entire life cycle of packaging does not harm the human body and the environment.

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