Carbon Footprint of ADU Students: Reasons and Solutions

  •  Nida Qafisheh    
  •  Makhtar Sarr    
  •  Umm Amara Hussain    
  •  Shikha Awadh    


The objective of the study was to calculate the carbon footprint of ADU students, studying environmental sciences and environmental health & safety and compared it with the average carbon footprint of UAE. Students’ activity, which contributed to the highest emissions of carbon dioxide per year, has been determined. The carbon footprints were calculated using the online carbon footprint calculator, which estimated the CO2 emissions of each student. The method resulted from different activities like consumption of gas and electricity, transportation, flights, food as well as other different activities are associated with individual’s life style. The average carbon footprint of Environmental ADU students after decreasing their emissions was 12.22 tons CO2/year, which was 68%, less than the average carbon footprint of UAE (37.8 tons/year). The public transportation, driving friendly cars, eating locally and living in a simply sustainable life style are great solutions to reduce an individual carbon footprint. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.