Local Attitudes on Protected Areas: Evidence from Sumava National Park and Sumava Protected Landscape Area

  •  Tomas Gorner    
  •  Martin Cihar    


The present article aims to describe perceptions and awareness of local residents in two categories of the Sumava region protected areas–National Park (NP) and Protected Landscape Area (PLA). The survey explores perceptions of individuals on nature protection, protected area management, tourism and related issues. Differences between these two research areas are also explored. Standardised personal interviews were conducted during the summer season of 2008. The study took place in six municipalities in NP (Borova Lada, Srni, Prasily, Kvilda, Horska Kvilda and Modrava; 183 questionnaires in total) and in three municipalities in PLA (Kasperske Hory, Hojsova Straz and Cachrov; 138 questionnaires in total). According to the results of the study, there were more natives and indigenous residents in NP than PLA. Similarly, local people in NP were working more often in the public sector and less in the private sector and they had more benefits from tourism. Residents in PLA were less informed about Administration activities, more satisfied with topical nature conservation level and against expansion of NP to their place of residence. Also, a significant finding of the study is that residents (especially in PLA) were supportive of some forms of participatory management. They are interested in the advancement of the area, mostly in the form of improvement of tourism-related facilities. They love this region and also call for better communication with NP/PLA Administration.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.