Microwave-induced Degradation of Chlorobenzene Using Fe0 and TiO2 Coated on Cordierites as Catalyst

  •  Chien-Li Lee    
  •  Chih-Ju G. Jou    


In this research, MW is used to irradiate and induce Fe0/cordierite (Fe0 coated cordierite particles) and TiO2/cordierite (TiO2 coated cordierite particles) for improving the catalytic decomposition rate to remove chlorobenzene (CB) dissolved in aqueous solution. Laboratory results show that when 30 W of microwave energy is applied for 300 sec the irradiation of microwave than without microwave irradiation improves the CB removal efficiency by 3.2 times (57.4% vs. 18.2%) for Fe0/cordierite and 2.7 times (43.3% vs. 15.8%) for TiO2/cordierite. Hence, applying the microwave induced cordierite coated Fe0 or TiO2 particles is a new application that has been proved effective to remove chlorine-containing organic pollutants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.