Discourse on the Evolution of the Earth

  •  Andrzej Pawula    


The discourse on the evolution of the Earth is a polemic with the Big Bang theory, which claims the formation of the universe 13.8 billion years ago. It is claimed that in a fraction of a second, elementary particles of matter formed from an atom of "peculiar" density, and then, in the process of primary nucleosynthesis, elements were formed. The alternative theory of the primal forces of nature negates this version of the explanation of the phenomenon and proves that the process of creating elements takes place today in a thermonuclear synthesis reaction in the Earth's core. The probability test of these theories is the georadiation criterion, based on the quantitative ratios of uranium and the helium 3He isotope on Earth. Referring to earlier publications, the activity of a thermonuclear reactor in the Earth's core and the appearance of 200 million years ago, the phenomenon of Earth expansion, is proven. The conclusion of the article is the statement of the evolutionary sequence of all planets in the solar system and the transformation of hot planets into new stars.

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