Production and Characterization of Rice Husk Biosorbent from Far North Cameroon

  •  Elie Kolwa Doboy    
  •  Henriette Zangue Adjia    
  •  Richard Kamga    


The objective of this study is the production and the characterization of rice husk biosorbent. In fact, the biosorbent has been obtained by phosphoric acid treatment; its physicochemicals characteristics such as point of zero charge, specific surface, iodine number and chemicals functions have been determined. The analysis indicaded that, the point of zero charge is 8.7; for the pH value less than 8.7, the biosorbent surface is posotively charged and for pH value higher than 8.7, the biosorbent surface is negatively charged. The biosorbent iodine number is 1560.87±1 mg/g, it means that, the biosorbent is constituted in majority of microspores. Furthermore, the specific surface of biosorbent is 104.45±1m2/g, it is five times as big than untreated rice husk obtained by Dada and al., (2012). Acid treatment improve the porosity of biosorbent. Infrarouge spectrum present ether and aromatic functions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.