Anthophyllite Asbestos: The Role of Fiber Width in Mesothelioma Induction. Part 3: Studies of American and Japanese Anthophyllite Asbestos – Additional Supportive Evidence

  •  Edward B. Ilgren    
  •  John A. Hoskins    


The largest anthopyllite deposits in the world are found in Finland and it is from here that most of the commercial anthophyllite derives. However, other large deposits exist in both North America and Japan. Commercial production has existed in both these countries although not on a scale which matches the Finnish mines. Small deposits are known from several other countries but, apart from minor exploitation in India no significant mining has taken place. The North American deposits are primarily in the Eastern US states, mostly Maryland, Georgia and North Carolina although there was also extensive exploration in Alabama. In Japan, the major mining site was at Matsubase on the southermost island of Kyushu. Although these mines and attendant commercial concerns operated for decades and under conditions of high dust exposure no mesothelioma clusters are known from the mining areas.

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