Stability Analysis and Optimization of Airport Security System

  •  Yang Li    
  •  Lanya Ma    
  •  Yuanbiao Zhang    
  •  Weijie Yang    


In this paper, we have established a composite queuing network model on the basis of the queuing theory and combining with the current security system of the airport. We have made division of the whole security system into different processes which include ID check process, x-ray scanning process, and millimeter scanning process, and find out the unit of security system according to the proportion of different security lanes, what’s more, these processes were distinguished into different kinds of queuing system, and then, we established the queuing network using these different queuing model into the unit. We applied the method of computer simulation to analyze the bottleneck, and we find that ID check process in pre-check system is unstable based on the current proportion of pre-check lane. Meanwhile, we optimized the number of each unit using the system design model and prove the effectiveness by computer simulation, then, we optimized the service rate of the baggage and body screening in pre-check lane follow the above process. Finally, we further discussed development direction of this model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.