South Asia in the 21st Century: “Catching-Up” yet Overheating

  •  Jan-Erik Lane    


Economist Stern (2016) asks now why so little is concretely done against global warming. But consider the huge countries in South Asia and their mighty neighbours. South Asia is poised to become the next set of Asian economic miracles. Yet they face a terrible threat from the environment, as global warming picks up speed together with more and more environmental degradation. Can these more than 2 billion people work and find food and water, if temperature rises more than 2-3 degrees? Can peasants work and survive? And how to generate enough electricity for housing, given increasing water shortages? Without massive financial assistance, there will occur widespread reneging on the COP21 objectives (Goal I-III). The system of UNFCCC with yearly big meetings does not offer an organization that is up to the coordination tasks involved in halting climate change—too much transaction costs. South Asia needs the promised Super Fund badly that Stern anticipated 2007.

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