An Evaluation of DEMATEL-EVM based Method for the Demonstration Projects of Water Environment Assessment

  •  Wang Lu    
  •  Zhang Jixiang    
  •  Wang Yanhong    


The existing methods of the water environmental quality assessment generally focus on the environmental characteristics, and fail to cover the core demands of ecological demonstration project. These methods lack a comprehensive analysis of sustainable development and maintenance capabilities. Also, the subjective analysis and computing of weight furthermore leads to unstable output. This paper is written in attempt to raise a set of assessment systems and methods to evaluate the demonstration projects of water environment. With the helping of establishing a complete quality evaluation index system of water environment demonstration project, the research approaches are based on the model of subjective and objective comprehensive weighting evaluation of DEMATEL-EVM. Through this method, it is able to analyze the key elements scientifically, which influence the water environmental project, finally makes the assessment more convincible.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.