Designing and Constructing a Smart Armor for Protecting Motorcyclists’ Head and Neck in the Accident Time

  •  Younes Nasri    
  •  Kamyar Arman    
  •  Abdolhosein Poornajaf    
  •  Mostafa Delpisheh    
  •  Ali Abasi    
  •  Hosein Kakouei    
  •  Ali Delpisheh    


Background: In general, riding motorized two-wheeled vehicles carries a higher risk of being involved in a fatal accident than any other mode of transport. In some countries, the use of protective helmets while riding motorcycles is a legal requirement. That is, a helmet can be a lifesaver in an accident and can protect against severe head, brain and facial injuries, particularly integral helmets with full facial protection. The present paper introduces a newly invention of smart armor to protect motorcyclist's head and neck in an accident time and to minimize injuries.
Materials & Designs: The smart armor for protecting motorcyclist's head and neck was designed innovatively. The system was constructed from boxes settled on the motorcycle, including a power source, an incident detection sensor, a transmitter circuit and a transmitter circuit antenna. In addition, the helmet parts including a mechanical operator's box, mechanical force interface cables, helmet frame, balance surface, fixed neck guard and moving neck guard were constructed. The constructed system was formally registered by the Iranian Patent Organization in 2010.
Findings & Tests: The smart armor showed useful capabilities and was successfully tested by several motor cyclists in simulated accidents. The different mode of collision with obstacle ahead, back hit, and change angle more than 45 degrees from vertical mode of motorcycles were successfully tested.
Conclusions: The designed smart armor presented in this article, showed a suitable performance to protect motorcyclist's head and neck simultaneously. Therefore, it can be used as a suitable protective device for motorcycle riders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.