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Modern Applied Science (MAS) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal, published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. It publishes original research, applied, and educational articles in all areas of applied science. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field.

Authors are encouraged to submit complete, unpublished, original works that are not under review in any other journals. The scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following fields: Agriculture, Biological Engineering and Application, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Applied Physics and Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Materials Sciences, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Computer and Information Sciences and Application, Energy, Environmental Science and Engineering, Mechanics, Metrology, Military Science, Space Science, Sports Science, Ergonomics, Health Sciences, Fisheries science, Food Science, Forestry and all the fields related to applied science.

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2014: Articles Received: 541; Accepted: 345; Rejected: 162; Published: 191; Retracted: 1

2013: Articles Received: 255; Accepted: 114; Rejected: 116; Published: 96; Retracted: 1



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Modern Applied Science (MAS) is monthly, published in every month by Canadian Center of Science and Education.

Authors are encouraged to submit complete, unpublished, original works that are not under review in any other journals.

Manuscripts from 3000-8000 words in length are preferred.

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Vol 9, No 8 (2015)

Modern Applied Science, Vol. 9, No. 8, 2015, e-Version First TM

Table of Contents


Urban Sprawl Monitoring PDF
Sassan Mohammady, Mahmoud Reza Delavar p1
Isothermal Pneumatc Molding of Dome-Shaped Parts of Anisotropic Material in Short-Time Creeping Mode PDF
Sergey Sergeevich Yakovlev, Sergey Nikolaevich Larin, Valeriy Ivanovich Platonov p13
Regrassion Modeling for Spur Gear Condition Monitoring Through Oil Film Thickness Based on Acoustic Emission Signal PDF
Yasir Hassan Ali, Roslan Abd Rahman Abd Rahman, Raja Ishak Hamzah P21
The Nexus between Female Labour Force Participation (FLFP) and Fertility rate in Selected ASEAN Countries: Panel Cointegration Approach PDF
Muhammad Haseeb, Nira Hariyatie Hartani, Nor’ Aznin Abu Bakar p29
Economic Mathematical Modeling of Attributed Costs of Production in Industrial Enterprises PDF
Mikhail Nikolaevich Dudin, Nikolaj Vasil'evich Lyasnikov, Dzhurabaeva Gulnora Kahramanovna, Dzhurabaev Kahraman Tursunovich p40
A Study of the Relationship between Internet Dependence and Social Skills of Students of Medical Sciences PDF
Hossein Jenaabadi, Ghazal Fatehrad P49
Is Employability Orientation More Enhanced by Career self- Efficacy or Leadership Attribute? PDF
neda tiraieyari, Jamaliah Abdul Hamid p57
Mansoor Maitah, D.S. Almatova, Kholnazar Amonov, Luboš Smutka p64
Study of the Relationship between Dependent and Independent Variable Groups by Using Canonical Correlation Analysis with Application PDF
Thanoon Y. Thanoon, Robiah Adnan, Seyed Ehsan Saffari p72
The Development Of Mercury Ion Selective Electrode With Ionophore 7,16-Di-(2-Methylquinolyl)-1,4,10,13-Tetraoxa-7,16-Diazacyclooctad ecane (DQDC) PDF
Eidi Sihombing, Manihar Situmorang, Timbangen Sembiring, Nasruddin Nasruddin p81
Developing a Mobile Based Automated Testing Tool for Windows Phone 8 PDF
Albert Mayan. J, Julian Menezes. R, John Bruce. E P91
Introduction to Bridge Construction in a Mountainous City PDF
Xiaoxia Zhai P99
Mathematical Model of System of Protection of Computer Networks against Attacks DOS/DDOS PDF
Shangytbayeva G. A., Karpinski M. P., Akhmetov B. S., Yerekesheva M. M., Zhekambayeva M. N. P106
Power Factor Control of Matrix Converter Based Induction Motor Drive PDF
settar S keream, Ahmed N Abdalla, Mohd Razali Bin Daud, Ruzlaini Ghoni, youssif Al Mashhadany p112
Determination of the Content Heavy Metals in of Introduced Tree Stand of Astana City PDF
Erzhan Zhunusovich Kentbayev, Botagoz Aidarbekovna Kentbayeva, Talgat Sagidollaevich Abzhanov p121
Control over the Process of Thermo-Oxidative Degradation of Polymers in a Solution PDF
Igor Anatolyevich Khaustov, Vitaly Ksenofontovich Bitukov, Sergey Germanovich Tikhomirov, Anatoly Anatolyevich Khvostov, Alexei Petrovich Popov p128
Finite Component Approach for Modelling Entropy of Motor Road Pavements to Assess Their Efficiency PDF
Mikhail Gennadjevich Goryachev p140
Robust Voice Activity Detection with Deep Maxout Neural Networks PDF
Valentin Sergeyevich Mendelev, Tatiana Nikolaevna Prisyach, Alexey Alexandrovich Prudnikov p153
Mathematical Model of Kazakhstan Economy PDF
Orakbayev E.M., Boranbayev S.N., Vashenko M.P., Shananin A.A. p160
The Information Cost Estimation as Realization of the Problem of Indistinct Mathematical Programming PDF
Lyudmila Nikolaevna Rodionova, Olga Genadievna Kantor, Rodionov Anton Sergeevith, Rukhliada Nataliia Olegovna p186
Systems of Lineaments of Magnetic and Gravity Anomalies in the Zone of Convergent Interaction of the Amur and the Eurasian Tectonic Plates PDF
Sergey Vladimirovich Trofimenko, Nikolay Nikolaevich Grib, Aleksandr Ivanovich Melnikov, Tatiana Vladimirovna Merkulova p195
Features of Aboveground Pipeline Compensation Part Stress-Deformed Study at Permafrost PDF
Dinar Flerovich Bikmukhametov, Gennady Evgenyevich Korobkov, Anna Pavlovna Yanchushka p204
Mills Model Based Evaluation of Security of Software Systems PDF
Valeriy Valentinovich Gurov, Grigory Grigoryevich Novikov p213
Analysis of Effectiveness of Interphase Transfer in a Case of Purification of Biogas in Microbubbling Equipment with a Consideration of Chemisorption of Carbon Dioxide PDF
Botagoz Myrzakhmetovna Kaldybaeva, Alisher Evadilloevich Khusanov, Darkhan Sabyrkhanovich Sabyrkhanov, Marat Isakovich Sataev, Zakhangir Evadilloevich Khusanov p221
Development of a Complex Catalytic Conversion System for Internal Combustion Engines Fueled with Natural Gas PDF
Vladislav Anatolievich Luksho, Andrey Victorovich Kozlov, Vladimir Ivanovich Panchishny, Alexey Stanislavovich Terenchenko p237
Determination of Weber-Ampere Characteristics of Electric Devices Using Solution of Inverse Problem of Harmonic Balance PDF
Lankin Anton Mikhailovich, Mikhail Vladimirovich Lankin, Nikolay Ivanovich Gorbatenko, Danil Vadimovich Shaykhutdinov p247
The Use of Wireless Sensor Technologies for Condition Monitoring of Modern Aircraft Structures PDF
Maksim Vladimirovich Sergievskiy, Sergey Nikolaevich Syroezhkin p262
Justification of the Technology for Preventing Scale in the Downhole Equipment PDF
LiliyaAl’bertovna Shangaraeva p270
Modeling of Us Dollar to Euro Rate Dependence on USA GDP Dynamics PDF
Shkodinsky S. V., Prodchenko I. A. p277
A Two-Stage Method for Considering Cardinality in Portfolio Optimization of Mutual Funds PDF
Amir Alimi p289
Modeling of Correlated Two-Dimensional Non-Gaussian Noises PDF
Vladimir Mikhailovich Artuschenko, Kim Leonidovich Samarov, Andrey Petrovich Golubev, Aleksey Yurievich Shchikanov, Aleksey Sergeevich Kochetkov p300
Analysis of Rice Farming with System of Seeding Direct and Seeding Indirect: A Case Study in Buol Regency Indonesia PDF
Max Nur Alam p311
Statistical Data Processing in Rocket-Space Technology PDF
Bulat-Batyr Saukhymovich Yesmagambetov, Zhambyl Talkhauly Ajmenov, Alexander Mikhailovich Inkov, Abdushukur Satybaldievich Saribayev, Serik Umirbayevich Ismailov p317
Development of Fire-Resistant Multilayer Materials for Working Clothes of Welders PDF
Zaure Dauletbekovna Moldagazhiyeva, Raushan Orazovna Zhilisbayeva p334
Comparative Evaluation of Fattening, Slaughter and Meat Qualities of Purebred and Hybrid Swine PDF
Zhanna Aleksandrovna Perevoyko p344
A New Method for Detecting Cerebral Tissues Abnormality in Magnetic Resonance Images PDF
Mohammed Sabbih Hamoud Al-Tamimi, Ghazali Sulong p354
Vertical-Flow Constructed Wetlands in Cooperating with Oxidation Ponds for High Concentrated COD and BOD Pig-Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment System at Suphanburi-Provincial Municipality PDF
piyaporn pitaktunsakul, Kasem Chunkao, Naruchit Dumpin, satreethai poommai p371
Defining Thermophysical Parameters of Electric Devices Based on Solution of Inverse Heat Transfer Problem PDF
Yuriy Alekseevich Bachvalov, Nikolai Ivanovich Gorbatenko, Valeriy Viktorovich Grechikhin p386
Local Community and Tourism Development: A Study of Rural Mountainous Destinations PDF
Mastura Jaafar, Norjanah Mohd Bakri, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh p399
Desorption Isotherms of the Koumiss and Shubat Clots Enriched by Various Additives PDF
Azret Shingisov, Ravshanbek Alibekov, Zeinep Nurseitova, Gulbagi Orymbetova, Gulzhan Kantureeva, Elvira Mailybaeva p409
Features of Vertically Integrated Agribusiness Corporations in Western Europe Countries PDF
Zakharova Elena Nikolaevna, Kerashev Anzaur Aslanbekovich, Mokrushin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich p417
Development of Models and Methods of Data Analysis for Enhancing Efficiency of the Processes of Quality Management Systems PDF
Alla Vladimirovna Kuzminova, Valeriy Valentinovich Gurov p429

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