Vol 8, No 5 (2015)

Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 8, No. 5, July 2015, Special Issue

Table of Contents


The System of the State Village Government of the Kazan Governorate in the Early 18th – the First Third of the 19th Centuries PDF
Ramil R. Khayrutdinov p1
The Formation of Legal Framework of Migration Policy in Russian Federation (1992-2010) PDF
Albina R. Fayzullina p12
National-Specific Features of the New Avant-Garde Egyptian Prose of the Late 20th Century PDF
Rashida R. El Sabruti p19
Velyaminov-Zernov V. V. and His Contribution to the Study of Historical Sources of Moslem Peoples PDF
Ramil M. Valeev, Firdaus G. Kalimullina, Rafael M. Valeev p26
Teaching Grammatical Aspects of the Turkish Language as Means of Students’ Communicative Competences Formation at the Initial Stage of Training PDF
Liliya Sh. Shafigullina p34
Changes of Connotation in Borrowings PDF
Svetlana S. Takhtarova, Farida F. Shigapova p40
Argos in VIII-VI Centuries BC – Development of Domestic Politics and its Foreign Politics PDF
Elena A. Venidiktova p49
Islam and Christianity in the Middle Volga Region in the Second Half of the XVI-XVIII Century PDF
Dina A. Mustafina p54
Global Utopias of H. G. Wells and Kang Youwei: Comparative Confrontation PDF
Dmitry E. Martynov, Yulia A. Martynova p62
The Tatarstan-Chinese Relations in the Humanitarian Sphere: Forms of Interaction PDF
Alfiya R. Alikberova, Eduard Sh. Alikberov p71
New Year Address as a Genre of Political Discourse: Political and Linguistic Research (On the Material of Chinese President Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping) PDF
Alfiya R. Alikberova, Stefana I. Vukadinovich, Rasilya R. Nurmieva p80
The Namaz Practice in the Structure of the Middle Volga Tatars’ Daily Life at the End of the 19th - Beginning of the 20th Centuries PDF
Ildar F. Shafikov p86
Universalization of the International Relations in the Context of Formation and Activity of the League of Nations PDF
Roman V. Penkovtsev p92
The Role of Theatrical Art in the Preservation of Historical Memory in the Example of Volga Region at the Beginning of the Century PDF
Ludmila N. Brodovskaya, Vera V. Buravleva p99
The Russian Language Portfolio as an Effective Technology in Foreign Language Lifelong Learning PDF
Rimma R. Sagitova p108
Historical Education in the System of Engineers’ and Technical Specialists’ Training PDF
Liudmila M. Shmeleva, Dmitry V. Shmelev p115
An Academic Concept ‘University’ in a Linguistic Perception of German and Russian Students PDF
Tatyana Y. Zaglyadkina p123
Politically Correct Euphemisms in Mass Media (Based on American and Turkish Online Periodicals of the Beginning of the 21 st Century) PDF
Oksana V. Shemshurenko, Liliya Sh. Shafigullina p128
Some Issues of the Organization of Elective Training in the Light of Modernization of the Russian Educational System PDF
Ekaterina A. Plakhova, Makhfuza A. Rustamova, Olga A. Kiyashchenko p136
Contrastive-Comparative Study of Infinitives in English and Tatar PDF
Alsu Yu. Giniyatullina, Milyausha R. Garaeva, Rozaliya A. Karimova p141
Formation of Iranian Studies at the Kazan University (19th–Early 20th Centuries) PDF
Ramil M. Valeev, Roza Z. Valeeva, Timur I. Zyapparov, Emil R. Valeev p149
Issue of Waqf in the Context of Establishment of Muslim Institutions in the Post-Soviet Tatarstan PDF
Azat M. Akhunov p157
Lexical Transformations in the Translations of the Modern Tatar Literature into the Turkish Language PDF
Elmira K. Khabibullina, Alfiya Sh. Yusupova p164
State Policy of Primary and Secondary Education of the Republic of India in Relation to the Poorest Strata of Society in 1992-2002 PDF
Marat Z. Galiullin p169
Russian-Kazakh Cooperation as a Factor in the Implementation of the Eurasian Idea PDF
Albert V. Beloglazov, Ildar G. Akhmetzyanov p176
Activities of the Commissioners of the Council on Russian Orthodox Church and the Council on Religious Faiths under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR on the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic during the Great Patriotic War and... PDF
Ruslan R. Ibragimov p184
Aesthetic Component in the Formation of Lexical Area “Art” in English Language Classes PDF
Olga A. Kiyashchenko, Ekaterina A. Plakhova, Makhfuza A. Rakhimova p191
Mashanov М.А. and His Contribution to the Studies of the History and Ethnography of Turkic and Finno-Ugric Peoples of the Middle Volga Region and Cisural Area (1852–1924) PDF
Ramil M. Valeev, Mars Z. Khabibullin, Guzel Z. Khabibullina p197
The Calendar and the Time Account of the Turko-Tatars PDF
Gamirzan M. Davletshin p205
Lexical-Semantic Aspect of the Concept "Actions, Behavior" (On the Material of the Tatar and English Phraseological Units with the Component-Zoonym) PDF
Alfiya A. Gimadeeva, Rasilya R. Nurmieva p212
Gifted Education in the Republic of Tatarstan: New Challenges and Innovative Decisions PDF
Nadezhda P. Pomortseva, Elena V. Gabdrakhmanova p218
Teaching History of the English Language: Some Socio-Cultural Aspects and Features of Competence-Based Approach PDF
Almira K. Garayeva p225
The Activity of the Kazan Governorate Nobility Self-Government in the Middle of the 19th – Early 20th Century PDF
Ramil R. Khayrutdinov, Yelena V. Mironova p232
Subject-Oriented Learning as Means of Socialization of Secondary School Students (The Case of Students of Humanities) PDF
Rezida I. Khoraskina, Ayrat H. Tuhvatullin p243
Conceptual Structure of SLAVA/FAME/RUHM in Russian, American and German Consciousness PDF
Olga G. Palutina p251
Reviewer Acknowledgements for Journal of Sustainable Development, Vol. 8, No. 5 PDF
Sherry Sun p255

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