Multiplicity of History in Our Lady of Alice Bhatti Through Historiographic Metafiction

  •  Ayesha Ashraf    
  •  Sardar Ahmad Farooq    


English fiction, in the recent decades, has significantly manifested its deepest concern for postmodern transformation of history through subversion of the traditional historical narratives. The current research paper aims to highlight the postmodern transformation of history in the selected English novel Our Lady of Alice Bhatti written by Muhammad Hanif. The selected novel as postmodern historiographic metafiction highlights that contemporary fiction manifests and retells the traditional history through memory, parody, self-reflexivity and intertextuality. The current research study generates a better understanding of the present interdisciplinary relation of fiction with that of other disciplines especially history. The postmodern theoretical concepts of Linda Hutcheon are incorporated in this current study. This research is qualitative and exploratory, while textual analysis has been used as a research method. This research ends with the findings and recommendations for further research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.