Albanian Model of Free Zones: Implementation and Implications

  •  Çeljeta Sherifi    
  •  Güngör Turan    


Free economic zones are structures playing a special role in the direct and continuous interconnections between a country and the other part of the world. In other words, free economic zones are easily opened doors to international markets. This paper brings a theoretical view on the concept of the Free Economic Zones, their characteristics, as well as their importance in countries economy. It also aims to discus about creation, implementation and management of technical economic development areas in Albania. The benefits they could provide to Albanian economy based on a variety of positive and potential factor that Albania is currently offering. Through learning the best experience of some successfully implemented free economic zones in the world, this study helps to better identify the factors that play an important role in increasing the economic and industrial potential of Albania.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.