Measuring the Cost of Noise Pollution and Its Impact in Reducing Corporate Profits, Income Tax Collections, the Treasury, the National Economy and the Welfare of Society

  •  Ali Mustafa Magablih    


The aim of this study to define the concept of noise pollution and the cost of pollution from noise, it also aims to explain the cost of noise pollution on the profits of industrial enterprises, in addition to the recognition of the role of the Jordan Phosphate Mines Company to reducing the impact of noise pollution on workers, as well as the role played by the reduction of the costs of pollution and its impact on the profits of noise pollution to reducing treasury revenues.  

And therefore could not measure the impact of the company incurring the costs caused by noise pollution on company profits in the absence of a clear classification of the causes of the cost and thus the difficulty of measuring the impact on the profits of the company, the results of the study also indicated that there are costs of noise pollution and a clear impact on the profits of the company.

This study focuses on the economic and social aspects which are of crucial importance in noise pollution that strongly affect the performance of the workers, the profits of industrial enterprises, and concludes that the noise pollution impact on staff performance and production as well as tax collections, the treasury and the national economy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.