Intellectual Capital and its Reflection on Quality of Productivity

  •  Aisha Abdalla Al Mahjob Jamal    


Intellectual capital is recognized as the primary growth stimulator for an organization. It serves as an instrumental tool for optimizing firms’ performance, instigating values in its products, and increasing the quality of its product. This study aims to illustrate the concept and importance of smart capital and its impact on the quality of productivity. The study reviews some of the books and scientists in the area of the intellectual capital model. Previous studies, research papers, journals, and articles are carefully studied to collect useful data. The review revealed a positive relationship between intellectual capital and the quality of productivity. However, greater investments in intellectual capital is required for a higher ratio of firms’ productive quality. The given data is significant in establishing the importance of intellectual capital for increasing the quality of productivity and thus, serves as a valuable component in providing greater organizational benefits.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.