Using Mobile Applications: A Model of Technology Adoption in the Grocery Setting

  •  Simone Aiolfi    
  •  Silvia Bellini    


One of the most discussed topics in the academic literature is the adoption of new technologies by consumers. However, researchers conducted few studies on the adoption of mobile apps for grocery shopping. Particularly, the few researches carried out focused on the adoption of mobile commerce by consumers, while no study was concerned with the use of mobile applications out-of-store, as means for shopping preparation or in-store, as tools for self-regulation. Since individuals are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile technologies, understanding the role of mobile devices in influencing the attitude of consumers towards the app’s adoption in the grocery retail setting is extremely important for retailers and manufacturers who should develop mobile apps to exploit consumers’ mobile dependence in order to influence consumer and buying behavior during the path-to-purchase. The study we proposed led to the development of a new version of the technology adoption model of a smart mobile application for grocery shopping, in the Italian retail context, which could help researchers and managers better understand the shoppers’ behaviour in the new retail landscape. Our model includes variables related to the use of the mobile both out-of-store, as a means of shopping preparation, and in-store, as a tool for self-regulation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.