A Study of the Construction of English Hidden Curriculums at Primary Schools in China

  •  Haiwen Mo    
  •  Fengjuan Luo    


The hidden curriculum is an important part of curriculums, and constructing the primary school English hidden curriculum is helpful for the implementation of the new National English Curriculums, the development of students’ key competencies and the reform of basic English teaching in China. However, according to the survey conducted with 40 primary school leaders, 60 primary school English teachers as well as 300 primary school students, the hidden curriculum is always ignored in primary school English teaching in China. Schools should meticulously design the educational environment on campus, highlighting the characteristics of English hidden curriculums, integrate English into the class culture, optimizing English educational environment. It is necessary to build a harmonious relationship between teachers and students, to enhance students’ motivation of learning English, to mobilize social and family participation, and to build multiple hidden curricular resources of English so as to promote the reform of English teaching and improve the quality of English teaching at primary schools in China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.