Changes in Consumers Behavior at Fitness Clubs among Chinese Urban Residents—Dalian as an Example

  •  Bin Wang    
  •  Chunyou Wu    
  •  Wenhui Quan    


Consumer behavior at fitness clubs has always been a focus of research in the area of leisure and sports, but few attention has given to changes in consumer behavior in the domestic research cycle. since its appearance in 1990s in China, body building clubs have been playing more important roles in the sporting and exercising consumption of the urban residents. The behaviors of the exercisers are also changing with the social development. To precisely grasp the changes and trends of their behavior is very important whether for the management of the body building clubs or the organization of the national fitness movement. Using Dalian as an example, and through two market researches spanning 8 years, the paper carries out a comparative analysis of the changes in the consumers’ behavior at fitness clubs, and discusses the trends of consumers’ demands. The results could be beneficial for the clubs operation and organizing of sporting and exercising activities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.