A Brief Discussion on the News Media of Modern Korea

  •  Kim Yongkyoung    


The relationship between the ancient and modern China with the Korean Peninsula can be summed up using the term "fed by the same river", meaning neighbours separated by only a strip of water. Especially with the efforts of both China and Korea, the ancient East Asia region has created a splendid culture and has been the leaders in the world for a long period of time. However, by the end of the 19th century, the Japanese imperialist forces had always tried to 'Conquer the Korean Peninsula,' and, in 1910, the Korean Peninsula finally became a Japanese colony. After entering the modern era, one of the phenomenas manifested in the information flow in East Asia is the rapid development of media in China and Japan due to the increase in newspapers and magazines issued by the West.

190 years ago, Chosun Dynasty under the Lee Family had continuously initiated the modernization movement in the Korean Peninsula, through introducing modernization productions from the West, the Qing Dynasty and Japan. In the modernization process, the opposition between "ethnography" and "pro- Japanese Korean" have resulted social conflicts.

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