Storage of Amaranth Seeds: Reflex in Physiologic Potential

  •  Andréa Bicca Noguez Martins    
  •  Ivan Ricardo Carvalho    
  •  Caroline Jácome Costa    
  •  Fernanda Sedrez Marques    
  •  Robson Luiz Legório Marques    
  •  Fernanda da Motta Xavier    
  •  Jerffeson Araujo Cavalcante    
  •  Rafael de Oliveira Vergara    
  •  Sheila Bigolin Teixeira    
  •  Alberto Bohn    
  •  Lilian Vanussa Madruga de Tunnes    
  •  Vinicius Kiesow Macedo    
  •  Bruna Barreto dos Reis    
  •  Anna dos Santos Sunne    
  •  Dario Munt de Moraes    


The aimed to evaluate the effect of packages and different environment conditions in the maintenance of physiologic quality of Amaranthus cruentus seeds in the period of 300 days. The seeds used were from the cultivar BRS Alegria indicated for use in Brazilian winter. The experimental design completely randomized in factorial scheme (storage environment × package type × storage period) with four replicates. The amaranth seeds storage in plastic packages, in refrigerator and cold chamber, resulted in better germination maintenance ability. The conditioning in PET package, in natural and cold chamber environments promoted better results in relation to germination. The storage period did not present significant effect for the seeds stored in refrigerator and PET, although, for paper package there was reduction. The amaranth seeds, cv. BRS Alegria, can be stored in cold chamber for until 300 days, conditioned in PET, without reduction of its physiologic potential.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.