Implementation and Evaluation of Management Guidelines for Atopic Eczema for Primary Health Care Nurses: A Pilot Study

  •  Kaarina F Meintjes    


The primary health care (PHC) management guidelines for nurses treating children with atopic eczema were developed in a baseline study. The purpose of this study was to implement and evaluate the guidelines through a pilot study in a district in Gauteng, South Africa, in order to identify challenges and to adopt or adjust the guidelines for use by primary health care nurses in South Africa. The ultimate aim is to improve the child’s eczema and quality of life.

A process evaluation research design was followed. Data was collected through 1) in-depth interviews with PHC nurses and also with the parents of children treated by these PHC nurses, and 2) documentation using the patient files of these children.

The results showed that some aspects of the guidelines were used and seen as helpful, especially the complete emollient therapy and the evidence based health education. A simplified version of the guideline will be promoted for use by PHC nurses. The more detailed guideline could possibly be used as a basis to develop a short course on atopic eczema for PHC nurses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.