Non-Governmental Organisations Personnel, Social Workers and Religious Leaders’ Perspectives on the Risk Factors of Alcohol Abuse Amongst the Youth: The Case of the Northern Region of the Republic of Namibia

  •  Rapholo Selelo Frank    
  •  Makhubele Jabulani Calvin    
  •  Ananias Janetta Agnes    
  •  Svinurai Anesu    
  •  Hasheela Miriam Winnie    
  •  Hamuse Tiberia Ndanyakuwa Ilonga    
  •  Freeman Rachel Johanna    
  •  Mafa Prudence    
  •  Matlakala Frans Koketso    
  •  Chilwalo Beatrice Namoonga    


This qualitative study aimed to explore and describe the perceptions of Non-Governmental Organisations personnel, social workers and religious leaders on the risk factors of alcohol abuse amongst youth in the Northern region of the Republic of Namibia. In order to pursue this aim, a multiple case study design was used. Substance abuse is a predominant social and health problem which calls the attention of different partners from different disciplines across the globe to address it. Substance abuse, in particular, alcohol abuse is a global concern particularly amongst youth. Youth indulge in alcohol abuse due to numerous risk factors. Semi-structured interviews were used with Non-Governmental Organisations personnel, religious leaders and social workers who were purposively selected. Findings revealed familial, the environmental and community based and socio-economic factors as predisposing youth at Oshikango to indulge in alcohol abuse. It is therefore concluded that there are lot of opportunities at the Northern region of Namibia which predispose youth to engage in alcohol abuse. Thus, stakeholders need to develop integrated strategies to fight the abuse of alcohol amongst youth in the Northern region of Namibia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.