Construction of Hangzhou Silk Cognitive Evaluation System Based on the Grounded Theory

  •  Aijuan Cao    


The article adopts the grounded theory research method, where it takes “how people perceive and evaluate Hangzhou Silk” as the research subject, and uses data that was obtained through interviews and investigations as data source. With the systematic analysis of the original data, this paper gradually extracts and summarizes the content dimension and evaluation results of consumers' cognition evaluation on Hangzhou silk using the quantitative analysis software NVivo 11.0. Finally, based on the eight dimensions of the above research, this study combs and analyzes the logical relationship between them, and constructs the cognition evaluation system of Hangzhou silk. The research conclusion enriches and expands the research scope in the field of silk cognition research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.