Radicalization of Faith Concept in the School of Islam: Study of Khawarij and Muktazilah

  •  Ramli Nur    


The Radicalism is an idea or school that pursues revolution or social and political reforms in a tough or drastic way. The school of khawarij and muktazilah (two groups) have marked the history of Islamic thought about the concept of faith. The coloration shown tends to represent extremes in understanding the concept of faith. In general, it makes charitable deeds or branch teachings (furu') as part of the nature of faith. That leads to them getting caught in judging faith based on it being black or white between mukmin and kafir. Therefore the perpetrators of the great sins are punished out of Islam. Not merely categorization, but they also fighting and justifying of Muslims whom they consider to have abandoned the teachings of birth or violated something prohibited on the teaching of birth.

Such as of these understandings have mutated in the long history of the Muslims into the various nisbat mentions and often manipulate the religious as legitimacy for destructive radical actions. That is why this idea is quite dangerous not only at the beginning of its appearance but also in the current era to watch out for. This article has researched and analyzed the understandings of the two groups (Khawarij and Muktazilah).

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