Legal Regulations of Flexible Working in Jordan

  •  Ibrahim Saleh Al Sarairah    


The flexible working system in Jordan for the year 2017 represents a qualitative leap in the field of work, for providing an easy work for the workers, especially the working woman, which enables her to enter the labor market. However, this system has many conditions that must be met in flexible working contract in terms of a written agreement between the worker and the employer and the time limit and specified some categories that are subject to flexible working.

The flexible working system collides with some general principles of the labor law, such as the legal subordination, and the disciplinary authority of the employer in imposition of disciplinary sanctions in the event that the worker violates the flexible working rules.

The study concluded with a number of results, the most important is that the flexible working contract is a formal contract in which the writing is required. The Jordanian legislator ruled out the event from the workers who are subject to the flexible working system.

The most important recommendations were, It is necessary explicitly state that the rights of the worker may be established in the flexible working contract by all means of legal proofs. If the contract was not issued in writing, it is necessary to stipulate that the wage might be determined in the flexible working contract on a daily or weekly basis.

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