Holistic Management Design for Adult

  •  Aloysius Hardoko    


This study aims at collecting data on adults’ knowledge and behaviour on environmental degradation, government’s programs in resolving environmental degradation, and alternative solution to resolve the environmental degradation through holistic management design for adults.Qualitative research using interview guidelines as a reference for the interview was implemented in order to collect data on the adults’ knowledge; sample cases of environmental degradation completed with photos and interview guidelines were used to collect gather adults’ behaviour (response) toward environmental degradation; interview guidelines were used as a reference for FGD to collect data on government programs which were implemented to resolve environmental degradaion after coal mining The alternative solution to resolve environmental degradation was the outcome of research and development conducted by Hardoko et al. in 2016 in different districts; however, these disricts shared similar problem characteristics since they are located in the same province of East Kalimantan.The location of this research is Berau District, East Kalimantan Province. The research respondents were 10 adults who were above 40 years old and lived around the coal mining site. The respondents of government programs were 4 staff from Mining and Energy Agency and Environment Agency. It applied the descriptive analysis and categorisation in tables which was interpreted. The adults’ average knowledge on environmental degradation was in the category of good; while their behaviour on it was in the category of sufficient. The government programs which were implemented to resolve environmental degradation were in form of material assistance; however, there was not any non formal program to alter adults’ behaviour from destructive behaviour to protective behaviour.This study found that the government programs were not suitable to resolve the environmental degradation in which behaviour was the root cause for the problems.. Having found this, a solution was offered in form of the knowledge and behaviour management design based on holistic approach for adult learning program as an alternative solution for government in solving environment problems after coal mining activities. The design is holistic because it includes knowledge, attitude, and behaviour aspect with contextual environment media which is covered in three stages of learning activities.This research has never been conducted before; particularly on the topic of adults knowledge and behaviour after mining in Berau District, East Kalimantan Province. The three stages of learning in the holistic management design for adults in solving the environmental degradation were the outcomes of the developed research conducted by Hardoko et al. 2016.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.