A Study on “Innovative and Entrepreneurial” Part-time Jobs at Colleges and Universities

  •  Xuan Zhang    
  •  Hanzi He    


With the student aid becoming more and more diversified, China has established an integrated financial aid system of scholarships, educational loans, aids, subsidies and reduction of tuitions. However, there still remain some problems to be resolved regarding the part-time jobs, such as focusing too much on economic aid, mismanagement of part-time positions and slow integration with innovation and entrepreneurship education. In order to achieve the dual goal of financial relief and integral education, we should expand and enrich the part-time positions, form new brands and ensure a sustainable development model. In this way, we can arouse students’ enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship to the most extent and better incorporate education in students’ study, work and life so as to develop an omnibearing educational system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.