Gauging the Effect of Performance Management and Technology Based Human Resource Management on Employee Retention: The Perspective of Academics in Higher Educational Institutions in Sokoto State Nigeria

  •  Abubakar Allumi Nura    
  •  Nor Hasni Osman    


For decades ago precisely during the late 70’s personnel management and administration was chosen to be the desirable for office practices as far as designing and maintaining payroll as well as keeping employee records is concerned. Normally this information is kept in a data base and retrieved on demand. This was however to be replaced by the sophisticated technology based human resource management (E-HRM) that emerges to help modernize, update and re structure core human resource management (HRM) practices, reduce costs, and perk up efficiency. This study investigates the connection between performance management system, technology based human resource management (E-HRM) and employee retention; among academics in higher educational institutions in Nigeria. The findings revealed that the successes and achievements of technology based HRM in companies are not beyond the reach of higher educational institutions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.